AH Technology brings quality solutions to businesses

In Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia, enabling many users, large and small to securely transfer files (multiple platforms support), have special solutions for IBM i, be it a leading, all-encompassing security, audit and compliance solution (iSecurity) or document management or others. All proven to increase systems' efficiency and users' productivity by reducing complexity, management costs and human errors.

IBM iSecurity

iSecurity ensures IBM i users meet all their compliance requirements, have the security and audit mechanisms guaranteeing sensitive data is adequately secure: Real-time Network (TCP/IP Security) & Audit Intrusion Detection; automated escalations and alerts; comprehensive reporting, BI Analysis, Anti Virus, system and Application security.


VRtech software

With VRtech software, users get more from the IBM I systems: VTLBackup4i enables backups over the net; Linkit - a document management system; EasyPDF/400 - An SMB output management solution; ExcelIT fully automates exporting AS/400 data into excel and back; then Spool2Office, BatchFTP and more...